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This tab allows you to add WINS addresses and arrange them in order of their use. I cannot connect to another station with a wireless LAN device. Bypass proxy server for local addresses — This option allows you to use the proxy server for all local Intranet addresses. You may gain access to local addresses easier and faster if you do not use the proxy server. The configuration types are described below. During the test, the Start button toggles to Stop.

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A yellow exclamation isb or a red plus sign preceeding the network adapter means that the device driver is not properly installed. Double-click on the System icon. The device driver is not properly installed.

ASUS WL-167g USB2.0 WLAN Adapter Windows, Linux, Mac OS Drivers

Click to close the Wireless Settings utility window. The toolbar buttons allow quick access to some common commands in the Mobile Manager utility.

Click Finish to close the wizard. Click Advanced to display the proxy server and printer sharing options. Select a utility to display the help window.

Select the connection from the list. List — Shows a list of available configurations. Sets the data asustdk rate to Fix or Auto. Right-click the Control Center icon, then select Help.


WLG V3 Driver & Tools | Networking | ASUS Global

Click the icons in the property window to display their tabbed property sheets. This utility allows users to configure multiple alternative configurations for different locations. Check the Activate Configuration Now option to start using the created configuration.

This field displays the SSID of the network to which the card is associated or is intending wl167g join. The higher the SNR, the better the connection quality.

If you want to connect to a computer on your Intranet, make sure you type its address in this box. Clicking this button opens the Config-Basic window.

WL167G ASUS USB WLAN ADAPTER User Manual WL-167g_manual ASUSTeK Computer Inc

This item appears only when you are edtiting a wired LAN configuration. Site Monitor Click this button to launch the Site Monitor utility. Asustek wl-167g usb wlan the Hardware tab then click the Device Manager button. Null string may not be used in Ad-hoc mode.

Asus WLg USB WLAN Adapter Specs – CNET

The WEP Key is a bit 5 byte or bit 13 byte hexadecimal digit use to encrypt transmitted data packets and decrypt received data asustek wl-167g usb wlan.

Click Edit from the menu bar, then select Edit Configuration. A proxy server restricts other people on asustek wl-167g usb wlan Internet from gaining access to confidential information on your internal network or your asustek wl-167g usb wlan. You can download these service packs from the Windows Update website windowsupdate. Mobile Manager Click this button to launch the Mobile Manager utility. Default printer — Allows you to select the default printer from a list of installed printers.


I cannot connect to another station with a wireless LAN device. Small Icons — Displays small icons for each configuration. During the test, the Start button toggles to Stop. The Wireless Settings utility uses an algorithm to generate four WEP keys based on the typed combination. Click to display the help menu.

The Mobile Manager main window appears. I can connect to an Access Point but I cannot connect to the Internet. Unchecking this option allows the network to operate on an Open System mode.