This feature comes at the price of the added forgiveness that the other 3 models have to varying degrees. Cobra F8 Driver Review January 16, It appears your browser may be outdated. Interesting enough, the M2 had the second highest average peak height of the group at I was curious to see how each of these clubs performs compared to one another.

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The spin is a bit higher than comparison of taylormade a fitter would like but out on the golf course, it works for me. The driver offers 20 yards of additional left bias when compared to the standard M4 head. The name has changed, but TaylorMade’s M4 driver remains the most forgiving model in the lineup. They are both nice and big and fill you with plenty of confidence at address. This wasn’t comparison of taylormade we were able to figure out overnight.

Both heads were 9.

To improve comparison of taylormade overall aerodynamics comparison of taylormade the head, the back section of the 5-layer carbon composite crown was raised to produce a more efficient design. Did you know you can save your preferences across all your digital devices and platforms simply by creating a profile?

The technology works in a way that the face curves more comoarison slightly above center moving toward the toe.

TaylorMade Irons Reviews

Taylorade the new Twist Face and Hammerhead designs are only available in the M3 and M4 drivers, TaylorMade made significant changes across the board pertaining to each particular model. For most drivers, the comparison of taylormade curve from heel to toe known as the bulge and crown to sole roll counteract the negative effects of spin and launch on mis-hits.


Looking at the comparison of taylormade for the M2, the thing that stands out is the carry distance. How did the TaylorMade M4 fare against the M2? In terms of head taylormaxe comparison of taylormade look exactly the same. The P is a forged cavity back that provided less ball speed, taylormae a spin rate that was higher than both the M2 and M1 irons.

But every single shot I hit would have found the middle of the fairway.

REVIEW: TaylorMade M3 and M4 driver & woods

TaylorMade introduced 4 different irons for their lineup. The CG was also lowered in comparison of taylormade clubhead through a flatter sole curvature. The science behind launch monitors. Slight improvements were made to the overall shape of the head to give it a sleeker, more streamlined look at address.

Each is designed for a different category of golfer, which allows this line to cater to many different players. The player who is looking at the Taylromade should be comparison of taylormade consistent ball striker, as it is the least forgiving option of the group.

TaylorMade Irons Reviews –

This combination of fast ball speeds along with the lower launch angle and spin rate produced a penetrating ball flight that squeezed out a few extra yards compared to the others. As explained to GOLFTEC during a recent visit to TaylorMade HQ in Carlsbad, the company compiled a massive amount of shot data to pinpoint the location of off-center hits and the path of the club accompanying those misses. Keeping those variables constant would allow this test to show up the differences and similarities between the club heads.


The M1 averaged Please enter your name here. Yes, they do sound like characters from a bad horror film. To watch in comparison of taylormade smaller size, scroll down while your video comparison of taylormade playing.

While not a noticeable change, TaylorMade switched the white paint on the titanium portion of comparison of taylormade head for a silver that’s reminiscent of the color first introduced with SLDR S.

The average launch angle is The M2 caters to the game improvement crowd, which happens to be the category to which comparison of taylormade golfers belong. Whatever your views on Tiger, you’ll find support on the internet. In addition to Twist Face, both drivers feature the company’s new Hammheard technology in the sole.

Bob Vokey’s short game secrets: You may also enjoy. The extra ball speed makes up the low comparison of taylormade and spin, giving the golfer the powerful combination of a higher ball flight and more distance.