On Solaris, for example, you might enter: If this validation fails, the SequeLink Server will attempt to authenticate the user ID and password with the database account defined for the domain of the machine on which the SequeLink Server is running. To run the program, type example and follow the prompts to enter your ODBC data source name, user name, and password. As new SequeLink connections arrive, they are distributed over the multiple SequeLink Servers based on workload and availability information. When set to 8, the driver returns 1. For DBMSs that support only a single connection, the second attempt fails.

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However, we strongly recommend that during installation, you select the Oracle Net Service instead. This step is optional.

If you want to use a connection string for connecting to a database, or if your application requires it, you must specify either a DSN data source name or a DSN-less connection in the string. Specifies a workaround connection attribute. The DistinguishedName DN attribute is required.

Select the data source you want to change, or create a new server data source by right-clicking Data Source Settings. The file data source will be saved after you enter the correct information in the connection dialog boxes. Click the File DSN tab. If a server data source is not specified, the default server data source for that service will be used for the connection. You are returned to the AttributeList panel, and the attribute values, if valid, are changed.


Need help with ODBC connection from Windows 64-bit operating system

When satisfied with your choice, click OK to close this dialog box and perform the translation. The following sections describe how to add other services and datadirecy sources. Type the name of the database to which you want to connect. The dialog boxes that appear depend on how authentication is configured for the SequeLink service. By default, Setup installs a sample odbcinst. When exporting a table from Microsoft Access that contains Null data in a memo column, Microsoft Access binds the parameter with a columnSize of Connections to a data source can be made via a connection string without referring to a data source name DSN-less connections.

For Apache Derby 10, you may have to specify the database directory:. Click Next and continue with Step 5. This section describes how to configure the odbc.

8 Configuring the ODBC Client

When set to 0 the initial defaultthe workaround is not enabled. The data source will be deleted from the data source file. In the Bourne or Korn shell, type: If specified and applicable to the connection, the SequeLink password change mechanism is invoked. Provide the following information; then, click OK. Choose one 32-bkt the following options for the default behavior of the UID map you are adding by typing:.

Last Drivers  USR5410 DRIVER

SequeLink API Bridges

To change an existing data source, select the data source you want to configure and click the Configure button. The system information file accepts only long names for attributes. At the bottom of the Driver Setup dialog box, click Test Connect to test the connection.

This is done via a SequeLink Service environment variable. The Welcome window appears. If started manually from a shell, the UID of the logged in user is inherited. If you want to put the odbc. For example, to set the maximum heap size for the JVM, type:.

When datadirct ivcheckjdbcdriver script has verified these settings and successfully made a connection, you can use these settings for the configuration of your SequeLink Server for JDBC Socket.