If this happens, you’ll need to re-configure your wireless network settings and reset the real-time clock. This barcode scanner is used with a few scratches to the casing but no major cosmetic damage. Area game will be Friday night, February 21, at 7: Congrats to the Cowboys and the coaches, job well done! This power supply can be external power using a charging peripheral or an installed, charged battery pack, or a combination of both.

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The mechanical connector on the bottom panel allows you to connect the Panther to a host workstation through a USB 1. The connection is authenticated with a valid DHCP address. Indicates whether the keyboard is in numeric or alpha mode, temporarily or permanently.

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Double-tap to open the Power control panel setting. This icon means that the battery is low. Located in the center of the keyboard for easy panher with either hand, the navigation keys enable you to navigate the cursor through an application screen.

This has been tested and it is in good working order.

This page was last updated: Rachel’s Challenge – Rachel’s Challenge Archives. It is marked, “version “. Please note that the Panther will not attempt to connect until you tap Activate.


Once you’ve installed ActiveSync on your workstation, you’ll need to configure it:. Check the job summary in Job Manager in the Back Office to review any exceptions. The Follett varsity football team lost Wednesday’s neutral playoff game against Strawn TX by a score of foklett We’ll be happy to assist you as soon as possible.

Once you see the message, “Your uploaded file has been sent to the Job Manager”, you can continue with other tasks.

Getting started with the Panther v3

The internal backup battery charges off the main battery pack and requires eight hours charge time to back up RAM data for pxnther minutes. Jayton Read Article Get Notified. Follett’s national rank has moved -7 and their state rank has moved You must charge both batteries to full capacity before using the Panther for the first time.

If you’re removing or re-installing a battery pack, make sure the Panther is turned off: This battery retains RAM data and allows the real-time clock to remain operational for up to 30 minutes. If you’re uploading them wirelessly: This is your Sidebar, which you can edit like any other page in your workspace. Depending on the page, it could be, for example, UploadUpdateor Follettt Report.


Follett Scanner

Key types In addition to the standard number and letter keys, both keyboards contain four types of keys: It might default to this folder, if not, choose desktop on the left menu and find the folder.

The stylus functions like a mouse; generally, a tap is the same as a click. Take care of all errors and warnings!!

Hold the stylus on the screen and drag across thescreen to select text and images. No images or files uploaded yet. Connect the Panther to the computer with the USB cable. Tap the touch screen once to open menu items and select options.

If not, open ActiveSync on the workstation by double-clicking the ActiveSync icon in the system tray. If you transferred the Follett Remote files to your workstation 1.

For inventory, select the one you are working on.