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As long as the bus is not used for a commercial purpose, you don’t need anything more than a G class licence. Saturday December 29 The atmosphere is draining. Special constables walk about our stations, ride buses and the O-Train or cycle between stations around the clock. The sense of entitlement is truly pathetic – and a lot of it comes from the fact that their union is strong enough to bully management into compliance HOWEVER – for every “bad apple” employee, there is one great one

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You see it my case I have tunnel Glucoma whuich is a eye dease. Also, there are thousands of people that work for OC Transpo that continue to make this service possible. You will hos able to leave a comment after signing in. Everyone starts shouting and fighting, causing total chaos on the bus. The operator ‘s have hit the x’s and, maybe even higher.

E-mail this page Your info. Tl have to take 3 different eye drops for the rest of my life. Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now. Passenger now standing in the door: Want to know more about working here? If beco,e won’t be hiring drivers once I get the chance, I don’t mind being a mechanic or working as a bus placer.


The Personal History Form is the tool by which personal information about an applicant is collected. Pay is not worth the mental exhaustion. Did modify 3 trains out of 6. I truly enjoy being around the people I work with. For testing standards, please visit: Candidates will be required to answer the questions to the best of their ability within a prescribed period of time.

There are a range of options available to the Chief Special Constable including: Hey, I mean, “Wherever life takes you,” even bbecome the farm, right? The use of this information begins only if the candidate advances beyond the interview stage and it becomes necessary to conduct a bcome investigation.

City of Ottawa octranspo. Gestures to other side of Bank Street.

OC Transpo – Jobs / Careers

I hope not, but thats life sand there’s not much I can do about it. Ridership decline due to strike or no, there are several hundred baby boomer drivers slated to retire over the next few years so hiring will be ongoing. I’ve also hear dthere is a 2 year waiting list for this. Management has a general concern for the well being of it’s employees. Aboard double-deckers, articulated buses and the O-Train, and on the O-Train platform. Are You Carface aka Bigfoot from gtaforums. If you feel harassed let OC Transpo know by calling Transecure or submitting an anonymous online report.


Feel free to approach a Special Constable if you feel unsafe, harassed or threatened or if you see someone who seems lost or needing help. However, I do like your idea of starting slow by first confusing people by using an unofficial language with hopes that no Japanese people with a working holiday are on my bus who may help out. Union is strong for drivers, but weak to garage personnel.

OC Transpo doesn’t know why sales of adult passes aren’t meeting expectations

I enjoyed learning about Change management and how OC Transpo dealt with Presto’s initial technological failure. Musta been the same person.

Never got to finish the project. Because of my slight visual disability there’s no way I could met the MTO’s requirement for driving a bus visual requirements, Heck I’m just hanging on to my drivers transop as it is.