In June, , U. The limousine is now on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. The midday sun illuminated the limousine – a calculated effect, thanks to the silver metal flakes mixed into the car’s Presidential Blue Metallic paint, designed to gleam under bright lights. Finally, the rear compartment was refurbished, to eliminate any damage from JFK’s killing. Jump seats for extra passengers.

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A sitting US president had never before visited the country, jfke just about everyone was keen to see what the fuss was about. The Warren Commission Report: Later it was extensively damaged, and whether it was repaired, rebodied or scrapped is a mystery. Even the wheels were lined with aluminum rims, an early version of today’s run-flat tires.

When three shots rang out at Dealey Plaza, Kennedy and all of the passengers in the limousine were completely exposed. The car’s body was armored with titanium, where there had been no armoring before, and the new roof was nonremovable. Secret Service agents pose on retractable stands on President John F. But Johnson insisted lmo one important change: It had a special short-turn radius, A hydraulically -lifted rear seat was fitted.

SSX – Wikipedia

Completely exposed On that fateful day in Dallas, those jump seats were occupied by Texas Gov. Kennedy School of Government Harvard Univ.


A bouquet of red roses limi to her earlier at Love Field lay between them on the button-tufted seat. An age of Innocense. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The President’s new car started out as a stock 1 Lincoln Continental 4-door convertible, manufactured at Ford’s plant in Wixom, Mich.

What happened to JFK’s limo

The panels could stack into into the trunk of the car. Assassination of John F. The car went through extensive road testing and was delivered to the White House and LBJ’s fleet in late spring of Former Secret Service agent Clint Hillwho leapt onto the limousine directly after Kennedy was shot, is the last surviving passenger of the presidential limousine during the assassination.

There were protesters too — hundreds of them jfkks expressing discontent about America and Australia’s involvement in the war in Vietnam. Shining a light on the history of the chandelier By Colin Bisset and Sue Daniel for Blueprint for Living From the Sun King’s Hall of Mirrors to the lobbies of grand hotels, the chandelier has outlived trends in interior design to remain a symbol of wealth and power. Two Motorola radio telephones. The upgrades include but not limited to: The Kennedy limousine, a modified Lincoln Continental, had virtually no safety features.

The car was moved to the Experimental Garage at the Ford Proving Grounds where an additional 41 inches was added between the front and rear doors and just beyond the rear lmio. Its most radical equipment was a six-piece roof system composed of clear plastic panels that were stowed in the trunk and a rear seat that could be hydraulically raised more than 10 inches for better visibility of its occupants.


The vehicle — codenamed the SSX by the US Secret Service — came with added extras such as telephones, a retractable roof, flashing lights, standing platforms for security agents and jfkw questionably, in hindsight — a hydraulic lift that raised the president’s seat so that he could be more easily seen.

Assassination rifle Timeline J. JFK and Jackie Kennedy ride in the limousine on the day he was shot. It was replaced in and remained in service doing less important duties untilwhen it was retired to the Henry Ford Museum. Editorial Policies Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. This story was originally published May 5, He has a general understanding of the Secret Service, but his contributions to the JFK assassination is spotty at best, and disingenuous at worst.

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