I went to Aldi and saw the box, IO wanted to see the laptop before i purchased it,. It’s a good value. Basically everything looks OK. The first time I used nero express ‘copy disc’. This problem has me wondering how the remote actually works?

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I am wondering if some product I have installed has some how disabled the remote software. I’ve been medio mine for a few days now and the wireless is working fine. When I took it out again an hour later it was nearly cooking – seems it had shut medion md95400 down medion md95400 of the heat, but the fan was still running frantically.

When comparing laptops, remember to look for the difference in video controllers.

MEDION Md95400 Ram-speicher 256 MD 95400

I thougt it was for 1 year. And it has 2 yr on site warranty. Is the battery life decent? It says in the instructions that you can, but it’ll only trim the start or end or crop off medion md95400 start and end. Only medion md95400 two noteworthy things thus far: Don’t actually know sorry.


More on it and setting it up. I would still prefer the TPG Centrino laptop for now. Does anyone else who bought one care to post their experiences?


The unit medion md95400 neat, mmedion feels light the MD medion md95400 a lead brick by comparison and I had no desire to wait 6 months for one.

Hi ive just bought this laptop and are VERY happy with it. I think it was upgraded for the latest distribution.

Medion MD95400 Memory Upgrades from Data Memory Systems

In response to the guy with remote control problem, it doesnt really make sense to me that photoshop would do that could be wrong but perhaps a Tweak application or a spyware protector app have disabled your remote control software from loading in msconfig. Actually, while doing my normal work today, I have had the MD playing MP3s for me thru the rather nice headphones supplied. Medion md95400 shopping online is more than about prices.

First select Medion as your manufacturer and then select the correct Medion product type medion md95400, notebook, etc medion md95400 the selections that follow.

MEDION MD Notebook & Laptop –

Did you get the tv working on mandrake? The manual for the TV tuner shows medion md95400 inputs but doesn’t mention how to get them to go. Had my Medion for about a week and generally quite happy with it. The machine has so much md954400 with it that it seems like a good will gesture medion md95400 Aldi that they sell them.


Or is it more an “in-addition-to-desktop” kind of thing? I say “if” because we don’t medion md95400 get every Medion product that the Germans get. The mouse button on the notebook is not nice medion md95400 use but the little optical mouse supplied makes up for that.

I was thinking about buying one of the Aldi machines. Unfortunately it didn’t hibernate, but continued running. medion md95400

Aldi Medion MD Notebook – Notebooks

Its actually been working without problems at all for apprx a month now. Has anyone else noticed a quirk with the wireless cards, whereby they stop working and the only way to get them to start working again is to restart the computer? I doubt they would even contemplate reselling meeion item once it has been opened or “used”.

So to get to you’d need to buy a 1G stick or 2x Lots of people medion md95400 up 15 minutes before medion md95400 shop opened and medion md95400 turned out most of them were there for microwaves or vegies.

Would be grateful for any tips.