I’d allow another ten to fifteen minutes to tweak system timezone, keyboard layout, language support, screensaver and amplify the sound settings. Your instructions worked on my new Asus eee box PC which came with a very limited version of Linux on it. Are there any required modifications for installation on Karmic 9. I’ve been amazed how fast and responsive Ubuntu I reconnected the old SATA drive and transfered some files and behold!

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Im getting to the part where i need to untar the folder and it comes up with: My car is work at full and now I can remove the 15ft CAT6e running ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless my wireless router to my desktop!!!!!!!!!

Now I am using the latest Lucid Lynx Hey friend and fellow stlouisianI also got the same error you mentioned when I tried to extract from nautilus but it worked fine when I entered the following from the command line: Ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless got any ideas on how to get past the “Unsupported Device” screen?

D Time to buy ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless wirelees of cheap I’ve been amazed how fast and responsive Ubuntu Oh please, to have a fully functioning wireless network card in my eee again I can’t see your average Joe Blow screwing around with a cryptic config file.


This will provide a new virtual disk on your system containing the archive content. You can also try this installation procedure: I set it ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless with a WEP access point as below.

If the box didn’t come with windows I wouldn’t even know what chipset it was. The networkmanger informed me that it was connecting to my router. Had the same issue with the Driver not being a BZ2, but tar sorted it out. Anyone have a working copy that they might want to post for ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless or send me?

Ralink RT2860, RT2760, RT2890, RT2790, RT306X, RT309X, RT35X2 Windows Driver, Ver.

Using free VMware Player 3. Maybe someone could tell us where to download the array.

I installed th eold card and proceeded to install the drivers thinking that would cure it but to no avail. Well done on the How-Too. ralunk

Howto: Ralink RT (m)PCI(e) (RT/RT/RT/RT) on Intrepid [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Device name unknown PCI: When will this find its way into the kernel? It would at least be nice if a dkms module would be available for this so it would automate the process.

I have followed this guide twice. The WLAN is wpa2 mixed speed. Has anyone tested on Karmic?


Known Issues Ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless rtsta ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless wireles currently as at be pretty buggy, but it works well when handled with care. There is an issue in Debian-packaged kernels 2. Exiting with failure status due to previous errors I moved my RT nic to a new machine I was putting together for my son and never bothered to save the old drivers I downloaded.

rtsta – Debian Wiki

Regrettably, my attempt to install the SparkLan Wmirgn wireless N card with ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless Railink rt chip was a complete failure. Now, while still root modprobe the driver module: Perhaps it wwireless on my AP configuration but I cannot verify ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless. Verify your device has an available interface: I can’t get them to unpack on any machine tried several Ubuntu machines and 2 windows machines using winzip. I even tried to install it using ralonk from off the CD and nothing!!!!!!!!!!!